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    • The dangers of parsimony in query-by-humming applications 

      Colin Meek; William Birmingham (Johns Hopkins University, 2003-10-26)
      Query-by-humming systems attempt to address the needs of the non-expert user, for whom the most natural query format -- for the purposes of finding a tune, hook or melody of unknown providence -- is to sing it. While human ...
    • The MUSART Testbed for Query-By-Humming Evaluation 

      Roger Dannenberg; William Birmingham; George Tzanetakis; Colin Meek; Ning Hu; Bryan Pardo (Johns Hopkins University, 2003-10-26)
      Evaluating music information retrieval systems is acknowledged to be a difficult problem. We have created a database and a software testbed for the systematic evaluation of various query-by-humming (QBH) search systems. ...