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    • The C-BRAHMS project 

      Kjell Lemström; Veli Mäkinen; Anna Pienimäki; Mika Turkia; Esko Ukkonen (Johns Hopkins University, 2003-10-26)
      The C-BRAHMS project develops computational methods for content-based retrieval and analysis of music data. A summary of the recent algorithmic and experimental developments of the project is given. A search engine developed ...
    • Geometric Algorithms for Transposition Invariant Content-Based Music Retrieval 

      Esko Ukkonen; Kjell Lemström; Veli Mäkinen (Johns Hopkins University, 2003-10-26)
      We represent music as sets of points or sets of horizontal line segments in the Euclidean plane. Via this geometric representation we cast transposition invariant content-based music retrieval problems as ones of matching ...