An Auditory Model Based Transcriber of Vocal Queries

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Title: An Auditory Model Based Transcriber of Vocal Queries
Author: Tom De Mulder; Jean-Pierre Martens; Micheline Lesaffre; Marc Leman; Bernard De Baets; Hans De Meyer
Abstract: In this paper a new auditory model-based transcriber of melodic queries produced by a human voice is presented. The newly presented system is tested systematically, together with some other state-of-the-art systems, on three types of vocal queries: singing with syllables, singing with words and whistling. The experimental results show that the new system can transcribe these queries with an accuracy between 76% (whistling) to 85% (singing with syllables), and that it clearly outperforms the other systems included in the test on all three query modes.
Date: 2003-10-26
Subject: IR Systems and Algorithms
Music Analysis

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