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    • Constitutively active ESR1 mutations in gynecologic malignancies and clinical response to estrogen-receptor directed therapies 

      Stéphanie L. Gaillard; Kaitlyn J. Andreano; Laurie M. Gay; Meghan Steiner; Matthew S. Jorgensen; Brittany Anne Davidson; Laura J. Havrilesky; Angeles Alvarez Secord; Fidel A. Valea; Gerardo Colon-Otero; Deborah A. Zajchowski; Ching-Yi Chang; Donald P. McDonnell; Andrew Berchuck; Julia A. Elvin
      OBJECTIVE: Endocrine therapy is often considered as a treatment for hormone-responsive gynecologic malignancies. In breast cancer, activating mutations in the estrogen receptor (mutESR1) contribute to therapeutic resistance ...