Each year the Hopkins Libraries gather at a Libraries Staff Assembly. Guests speakers, local Hopkins speakers, and Library speakers share information on topics related to academic libraries, special collections, archives, higher education, and Johns Hopkins. Those who wish to, can share their content here.

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Recent Submissions

  • Scholarly Impact Services: Who we are, and what we do 

    Ye, Yunshan; Jiao, Dazhi (2019-06)
    Slide deck from a presentation about Sheridan Libraries new metrics service. Part of the 2019 Hopkins Libraries Staff Assembly.
  • Data Visualizations: Stories about Library Collections 

    Payne, Susan (2019-06)
    Slide deck from Susan Payne's presentation at the 2019 Hopkins Libraries Staff Assembly. She discussed how staff at Sheridan Libraries are evaluating the collection and using data visualization to assist with shifting and ...
  • Research Profile Services 

    Blanck, Jaime (2019-06)
    Slide deck from presentation by Jaime Blanck at the 2019 Hopkins Libraries Staff Assembly. Describes new service from Welch Medical Library.
  • Towards an Open Future... 

    Joseph, Heather (2019-06)
    Presentation slide deck for Heather Joseph's presentation at the Hopkins Libraries Staff Assembly, June 3, 2019. Heather is the Executive Director of SPARC.
  • Collaboration on Instructional Tutorials 

    Getts, Erica; Bertling Disclafani, Carrie (2019-06)
    Slides from a presentation about a collaboration between the Entrepreneurial Library Program, Sheridan Libraries, and the Welch Medical Library. Together, they are creating 10 online session modules for the School of Nursing ...
  • Open Scholarship, Hopkins Libraries, and All of Us 

    Sinn, Robin (2019-06)
    These are slides for a presentation at the 2019 Hopkins Libraries Staff Assembly, focused on how open scholarship and infrastructure touch many parts of the libraries.
  • Agenda: Open Access Across the University 

    DeLaurenti, Kathleen (2019-06)
    Agenda for the June 3, 2019 Hopkins Libraries Staff Assembly.