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    • Fire performance of bio-based PCM lined LSF wall 

      Gnanachelvam, Sayilacksha; Ariyanayagam, Anthony D.; Mahendran, Mahen (2020-10-20)
      Light gauge steel framed (LSF) wall systems are made of cold-formed steel studs lined with different types of wallboards. Increased demand for LSF wall systems has led to researchers focusing on improving their fire ...
    • Numerical Study of Double Stud LSF Walls Exposed to Fire Conditions 

      Magarabooshanam, Harikrishnan; Ariyanayagam, Anthony D.; Mahendran, Mahen (2020-10-20)
      Fire safety of light gauge steel frame (LSF) stud walls is important in the design of buildings. Many experimental and numerical studies have been undertaken to investigate the fire performance of load bearing LSF walls ...