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    • Ductility Demands on CFS Structural Connections of Advanced High Strength Steel 

      Ding, Chu; Li, Zhanjie; Blum, Hannah; Xia, Yu; Schafer, Benjamin W. (2020-10-20)
      The objective of this paper is to investigate the ductility demand for typical cold-formed steel (CFS) connections when advanced high strength steel (AHSS) is used for the components. Although currently AHSS is mostly used ...
    • Material properties of cold-formed steel under subzero temperatures 

      Xia, Yu; Sudhiwana, Tanapat; Blum, Hannah (2020-10)
      Cold-formed steel (CFS) structures are becoming increasingly prominent in many construction scenarios because of its distinct advantages, which includes light-weight, easy and low cost for stacking, transportation, and ...