Recent Submissions

  • Proceedings of Summer Symposium for Students 2020 

    Singh, Amanpreet; González Ureña, Andrés; Fischer, Astrid W; Wang, Chen; Derveni, Fani; Foroughi, Hamid; Soltani, Maryam; Afifi, Mohamed; Avellaneda, Raul; Wang, Xiang; Zhang, Zhidong; Joorabchian, Abbas; Ding, Chu; Kapoor, Divyansh; Sippel, Ed; Wei, Gengrui; Wang, Haoran; Castaneda, Hernan; Han, Tran; Eladly, Mohammed; Xia, Yu; Koh, Hyeyoung (2020-05)
    CFSRC student and postdoctoral researchers shared their latest research at the CFSRC Summer Symposium on 26 and 27 May 2020. Thirty-four participants enjoyed a deep dive into cold-formed steel and related research – focusing ...
  • Proceedings of Summer Symposium for Students 2021 

    Wang, Xaing; Singh, Amanpreet; Castaneda, Hernan; Kapoor, Divyansh; Avellaneda-Ramirez, Raul; Akchurin, Damir; Zhang, Zhidong; Yan, Xia; Tong, Qi; Koh, Hyeyoung; Inyang, Idisinke; Quan, Sangchu; Ding, Chu; Xia, Yu; Eladly, Mohammed; Sippel, Edward (2021-07)
    The second edition of CFSRC Summer Symposium for Students hosted 17 CFSRC student researchers from 7 different universities to share their work with the full CFSRC investigator team. Researches covering a broad range of ...