The Department of Economics at Johns Hopkins University is one of the leading economics departments in the U.S., with outstanding strength in its research faculty, graduate program, and undergraduate program. Faculty and graduate students engage in the exploration of five economic disciplines: applied microeconomics, economic theory, macroeconomics, econometrics, and finance.

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  • The Economic Value of Breaking Bad: Misbehavior, Schooling and the Labor Market 

    Papageorge, Nicholas; Ronda, Victor; Zheng, Yu (2014-01-31)
    Prevailing research argues that childhood misbehavior in the classroom is bad for schooling and, presumably, bad for labor market outcomes. In contrast, we argue that some childhood misbehavior represents underlying ...
  • Identification of Causal Models with Unobservables: A Self-Report Approach 

    Hu, Yingyao (2021-08-18)
    This paper presents a novel self-report approach to identify a general causal model with an unobserved covariate, which can be unobserved heterogeneity or an unobserved choice variable. It shows that a carefully designed ...
  • COVID-19 and the U.S. Social Safety Net 

    Moffitt, Robert; Ziliak, James (2020-09-06)
    We examine trends in employment, earnings, and incomes over the last two decades in the United States, and how the safety net has responded to changing fortunes, including the shutdown of the economy in response to the ...