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    • Young mothers with a history of child welfare involvement: Maternal health, pregnancy outcomes, and maltreatment perpetration 

      Matone, Meredith; 0000-0002-5015-9699 (Johns Hopkins UniversityUSA, 2016-01-11)
      Statement of the Problem: Youth with past child welfare involvement are at risk for early entry into motherhood and increased burden of chronic health conditions. The association of these risk factors with birth outcomes ...
    • Z' Searches with Heavy Fermions 

      Osherson, Marc Antoine; 0000-0002-9760-9976 (Johns Hopkins UniversityUSA, 2016-09-07)
      A number of new physics models suggest that a heavy $Z^\prime$ or $W^\prime$ particle may decay through heavy fermions. In some such models, decays with intermediate new particles may have a higher branching ratio than ...
    • Zeros of Random Reinhardt Polynomials 

      Karami, Arash (2014-07-01)
      For a strictly pseudoconvex Reinhardt domain Ω with smooth boundary in C m+1 and a positive smooth measure µ on the boundary of Ω , we consider the ensemble PN of polynomials of degree N with the Gaussian probability ...