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    • Welfare Benefits and Female Headship in US Time Series 

      Moffitt, Robert (Hopkins Population Center, 2000-02)
      There has been a considerable amount of work on the relationship between AFDC benefits and family structure in the U.S. The evidence to date which uses cross-state variation in welfare benefits and family structure, often ...
    • Why Do Americans Want Children? 

      Schoen, Robert; Kim, Young J.; Nathanson, A.; Fields, Jason; Astone, Nan M. (Hopkins Population Center, 1996-08)
      Data from the 1987-88 US National Survey of Families and Households are used to test four hypotheses about fertility intentions. Fertility intentions are examined as a function of the importance of the social resource value ...
    • Why Society Needs to Value Health Improvements in Dollars 

      Bishai, David (Hopkins Population Center, 1998-07)
      Background. U.S. health planners typically set health objectives without information about how much of their resources the American people wish to devote to improved health. Objectives. This paper indicates how ignoring ...