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    • Regulatory approaches to reproductive testing 

      Knoppers, B; Isasi, R (Genetics and Public Policy Center, 2004-09-23)
      This report analyses the ethical and legal aspects of reproductive genetic testing in 11 countries (Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK). The legal ...
    • Reproductive Genetic Testing: Issues and Options for Policymakers 

      Baruch, S; Javitt, G; Scott, J; Hudson, K (Genetics and Public Policy Center, 2005)
      Reproductive genetic testing offers prospective parents information about their risk of having a child with a genetic disease or characteristic. This information can be used to help prospective parents make reproductive ...
    • Reproductive Genetic Testing: What America Thinks 

      Kalfoglou, A; Suthers, K; Scott, J; Hudson, K (Genetics and Public Policy Center, 2004)
      Advances in reproductive genetic technologies offer prospective parents an increasing array of options to help them have healthy babies, but these same advances also can raise troubling questions about the extent to which ...