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    • Genetic tests are testing the law 

      Crockin, SL; Javitt, G; Baruch, S; Bloom, EM (Genetics and Public Policy Center, 2006)
      Genetic testing technology has brought new hope—and reproductive options—to would-be parents. But when a testing error occurs or the results are misread or miscommunicated, children may be born with severe, lifelong ...
    • Reproduction, genetics and the law 

      Crockin, SL (Genetics and Public Policy Center, 2005-06)
      Both reproductive medicine and genetics are seeing rapid, and in some instances, revolutionary medical and scientific advances. Courts have been called upon to resolve a variety of novel disputes arising from these areas, ...
    • Reproductive genetics: Conceiving new wrongs? 

      Crockin, SL (Genetics and Public Policy Center, 2005)
      Genetic testing ought to make it easier for couples to make informed reproductive choices. But when mistakes occur, or communication falters, lawsuits soon follow.