Strengthening the North American Nuclear Supply Chain: A Framework for Canada - U.S. Collaboration in the Deployment of New Nuclear

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In the nuclear arena, Small Modular Reactors have transitioned from development projects to commercialization with the first consortium formed and contract signed at the end of 2022. As the industry tries to transition from its legacy large infrastructure-type developments to these sleek “New Nuclear” designs, there will be many challenges, not the least of all to grow a supply chain to support this industrialization. As deglobalization, a global pandemic and a war in the Ukraine disrupt supply chains and threaten national security, the challenge is intensified. Strengthening partnerships with existing allies, like the relationship between Canada and the United States, may lead to some obvious solutions. By performing a bottom-up comparative analysis of the nuclear supply chain in Canada and the United States, a framework can be created to identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities on both sides of the border. An integrated collaborative development plan will maximize efforts going forward to create an effective supply chain for New Nuclear. Some policy suggestions are offered, and evaluation of real opportunities considered in this dynamic development process.
nuclear, small modular reactor, supply chain, energy security, industrial policy