Impact Evaluation of Imagine MyPath in Moline-Coal Valley School District

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Center for Research and Reform in Education
The current study was a mixed-methods evaluation designed to provide efficacy evidence for Imagine Learning’s Imagine MyPath program, as well as data regarding program implementation and teacher perceptions. Achievement impacts were determined by comparing treatment students in kindergarten in the Moline-Coal Valley School District to comparison students identified by NWEA’s Similar Schools Report who did not use the program. Results of the main impact analyses showed mixed patterns of results regarding the efficacy of Imagine MyPath. A significant positive impact of Imagine MyPath on student mathematics achievement gains was evidenced, with treatment students outgaining virtual comparison students by slightly more than 2 points on the NWEA MAP Growth Mathematics assessment. Perceptions of the Imagine MyPath program from Moline-Coal Valley School District teachers were generally positive. Overall, the majority of teachers agreed they would like to use the program again in the future and would recommend it to others. Teachers were highly positive regarding the organization of the program and its impact on student learning. Most teachers agreed that Imagine MyPath helped students improve their reading and mathematics skills and that the program addressed gaps in their knowledge about these subjects. They also largely agreed that the program placed students at the appropriate level initially, challenged them appropriately throughout the program, presented them with content appropriate to their skill level, motivated them to persist through difficult content, and met the needs of diverse learners.
individual learning path, reading supplemental curriculum, math supplemental curriculum, adaptive lessons