CRESPAR Report #1: The Talent Development High School: Essential Components

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This report presents the essential components of the Talent Development High School, which is a comprehensive model of changes in high school organization, curriculum, and instruction based uponresearch on student motivation and teacher commitment. Part I describes the components of the model, which emphasizes (1) a college preparatory core curriculum based on high standards, and (2) a learning environment that incorporates four sources of student motivation: relevance of schoolwork, a caring and supportive human environment, opportunities for academic success, and help with personal problems. Part II describes the research base from which the model was derived.
The Center for Research on the Education of Students Placed at Risk (CRESPAR) was established in 1994 and continued until 2004. It was a collaboration between Johns Hopkins University and Howard University. CRESPAR’s mission was to conduct research, development, evaluation, and dissemination of replicable strategies designed to transform schooling for students who were placed at risk due to inadequate institutional responses to such factors as poverty, ethnic minority status, and non-English-speaking home background.
CRESPAR, Center for Research on the Education of Students Placed at Risk, The Talent Development High School, TDHS