Steel Deck Diaphragm Test Database V1.0

From the 1950’s to the present, a substantial number of large-scale tests have been conducted on steel deck diaphragms or concrete on metal deck diaphragms. The data, papers and reports for these tests are located in scattered references and many are not publically available. As part of the Steel Diaphragm Innovation Initiative (SDII), a database of over 750 past experiments on metal deck diaphragms was created. The information contained in this database can be useful for several applications including evaluating strength and stiffness prediction equations, assessing resistance and safety factors, and investigating ductility of diaphragms. The database contains fields related to 1) specimen identification and reference, 2) the test setup including information about the geometry, loading type, deck orientation, beam sizes, steel deck geometry, and concrete slab information if applicable, 3) fastener information including sidelap fasteners, structural fasteners, and shear studs, 4) information about materials including deck material and concrete fill material, and 5) test results for selected specimens including stiffness, strength, and ductility.
Front material and Excel database of test results.
Cold-formed steel, profiled steel deck, diaphragm, cantilever test, shear, test database