Magnetic dynamics of La2CuO4 studied by Mossbauer spectroscopy

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American Institute of Physics
By doping a very small amount of 57Fe into La2CuO4, Mossbauer spectroscopy has been applied to study the magnetic property of the parent compound. From the measurement of the magnetic hyperfine field at the Fe nuclei for various temperatures between 4.2 K and TN, the temperature dependence of the sublattice magnetization for La2CuO4 has been discussed. A theoretical calculation shows that, with temperature increasing a 3D-2D dimensional crossover occurs in the magnetic dynamics of an anisotropic antiferromagnetic, which is indeed confirmed by the data. The best fit to the data using this theory yields J=1600 K and r=0.011.
Mossbauer spectroscopy, magnetic hyperfine field, Fe nuclei, sublattice magnetization, 3D-2D dimensional crossover, lanthanum compounds, iron, high-temperature superconductors, antiferromagnetic properties, magnetic dynamics, La2CuO4, La2CuO4:Fe
Journal of Applied Physics 1 May 1990, vol.67, no.9, pt.2A, pp. 4518-20