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Johns Hopkins University, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, China Studies Program
As China’s economic development and increasingly assertive stance in the global arena reverberates both within and outside its borders, we are thrilled to present the fourth edition of the SAIS China Studies Review as a vehicle to increase understanding of both the challenges and opportunities in an ever-evolving China. The first section of this volume examines China’s expanding role in global governance. Hao Zhang’s piece takes stock of China’s norm-setting tendencies on the world stage, and Christian Flores looks at Myanmar as a case study for how the U.S. and China follow different patterns in their treatment of smaller states. Shan Wu’s piece on China’s policy-making regarding North Korea concludes this section. The second set of articles reviews developments in China’s military and aerospace fields. John Walsh’s policy brief on the Wenchang Spacecraft Site provides an overview of the site and its significance to China’s broader aerospace goals. Rachel Xian examines China’ nuclear force and its modernization, and Daniel Rice compares Chinese and American actions in Afghanistan. The issue concludes with SAIS China Studies Review’s interview of esteemed SAIS China Studies Professor David M. Lampton about his observations of China throughout his storied career.
China, China - Economy, China - Politics and government, China - Foreign Policy
China Studies Review, Issue no. 4 (2018)