24/7 Carbon-Free Electricity (CFE) in the US: Qualitative Research & Policy Recommendations

With potential to transform how the clean energy transition unfolds, the 24/7 carbon-free electricity (CFE) movement has recently been gaining momentum in the energy and climate policy space in the US. The 24/7 CFE aims to better align clean electricity supply with end use including principles like temporal matching supply and demand, energy deliverability, and resource additionality. This research conducted literature review and a survey of thought leaders to synthesize a wholistic set of policy recommendations for 24/7 CFE in the US. The positive objectives of the 24/7 CFE movement are well established. However, additional streamlining and evaluation is needed to guide successful design and implementation. Additionally, integration of 24/7 CFE principles within the broader policy landscape warrants further consideration. This research is intended to aid interested parties in implementing 24/7 CFE in a manner promoting an effective, timely clean energy transition and decarbonization of the electric sector.
temporal matching, physically deliverable, additional energy