Oral history of L.A.

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"L.A." is a member of the Johns Hopkins University graduating class of 2023. In this interview with Allison Seyler, she shares the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on her undergraduate experience. She describes where she was born, her childhood, her parents' immigration from Morocco and their careers in the United States. L.A. speaks about her Muslim identity, the geographic makeup of the town she moved to in Virginia, and the disinvestment she saw in education, particularly for people of color. In the interview, she speaks about becoming a community organizer, adjustments she made living life in Baltimore, and she elaborates on what it's like to be a FLI-first-generation college student at Hopkins. She highlights programs, professors, and courses that had profound impacts on her experience, specifically noting the importance of embracing Baltimore as your community while a student at JHU. L.A. describes her study abroad adventures and highlights a moment her mom was able to visit her in Italy. She shares insights on funding issues FLI-first-gen students face, as well as the realities of students in the same programs with very different socio-economic backgrounds. Lastly, she details what's in store for her future after Hopkins.