Cold-Formed Steel Framed Shear Walls with In-Frame Corrugated Steel Sheathing

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The objective of this paper is to find an alternative non-combustible high-performance shear wall system that can be used in mid- and high-rise cold-formed steel (CFS) light-framed buildings. To achieve this goal, an innovative shear wall configuration with corrugated steel sheathing was proposed in this research. The proposed shear wall configuration has the corrugated steel sheathings placed inside the steel framing and hence is known as the in-frame/sheet-in shear wall. The sheet-in shear wall has an equal thickness with its adjacent walls and thus avoids the difficulties in design and installation of finish materials that suffered in common corrugated steel sheathed shear walls. This paper involves the testing of three different shear wall types in which the stud arrangement and sheathing continuity varied. The details of the test specimens and test results are presented. The results indicate that shear walls with lower profiled field stud and continuous sheathing showed satisfactory performance with balanced shear behavior and ease of assembly. Also, the innovative in-frame/sheet-in shear wall demonstrated substantially higher shear capacity than the code certified shear walls.