Magnetic core loss of ultrahigh strength FeCo alloys

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American Institute of Physics
Hiperco® 50 alloy heat treated between 450 and 650°C exhibits superior mechanical properties. We report the measurements of the ac core loss at various frequencies up to 4500 Hz of the Hiperco® 50 alloy samples annealed at 450 and 650°C. The 650°C annealed specimens have lower ac core loss than that of the 450°C annealed ones. The total core loss, consisting of contributions from hysteresis core loss and eddy-current core loss, depends on frequency f as af+bf2. The eddy-current loss of a single laminate is minor compared to the hysteresis loss.
soft magnetic materials, magnetic leakage, magnetic hysteresis, magnetic core loss, ultrahigh strength FeCo alloys, Hiperco 50 alloy, heat treatment, ac core loss, laminates, iron alloys, ferromagnetic materials, total core loss, hysteresis core loss, eddy-current core loss, cobalt alloys, annealing, frequency dependence, single laminate, 450 to 650 degC, Fe-Co
Journal of Applied Physics 15 May 2003, vol.93, no.10, pp. 7121-3