Material properties of cold-formed steel under subzero temperatures

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Cold-formed steel (CFS) structures are becoming increasingly prominent in many construction scenarios because of its distinct advantages, which includes light-weight, easy and low cost for stacking, transportation, and construction. One of the potential application scenarios of CFS is the use under subzero temperature, including being utilized in circumpolar latitude area and functioning as storage racks in industrial freezers. Although recent researchers have made many efforts on knowing the material properties of CFS in ambient and high-temperature scenarios, the existing data on the performance of CFS under subzero temperature condition is still highly limited. In this study, from material prospective, a series of tensile coupon tests were designed and carried out on specimens made of CFS sheet with a nominal yield strength of 400 MPa at different temperatures from ambient to -60◦C. Test results, including stress-strain relationships, elastic modulus, upper yield strength, yield strength, ultimate strength, and ductility, at different target temperature and their changing tendency along temperature change are thoroughly discussed. The test results from the experimental study provide essential data for developing better design guidelines for CFS structures, such as storage racks, in low temperature scenario.