Founding Documents: "Medical School"

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This is one small volume containing three articles, a proof-sheet and newspaper clippings pertaining to medical education, the founding and endowment of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. It is particularly significant because it is from the office of Daniel Coit Gilman. Those articles included are: 1. "On the studies which should precede a course of study in medicine, hygiene etc." Daniel C. Gilman 1878. 2. "Medical Education" extracts from lectures delivered before the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, 1877-1878 by John Shaw Billings. 3. "Medical Education" A letter addressed to the authorities of the Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Johns Hopkins University by Henry W. Acland, 1879. 4. "Medical Education" proof sheet 1884. 5. Newspaper clippings of Endowment of the Medical School. 1892, in News American December 30, 1892; Baltimore Sun, December 30, 1892, Baltimore Sun February 7, 1893.
Gilman, Daniel C. (Daniel Coit), 1831-1908, Johns Hopkins University. School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, Education, Educators, Universities and colleges