Randomized Controlled Trial of Edgenuity's Pathblazer in Floyd County Schools

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Center for Research and Reform in Education
Pathblazer is a supplemental, online intervention program that helps struggling learners in grades K–8 achieve grade-level proficiency in mathematics and reading. Pathblazer offers students individualized learning progression paths with fun, motivating content that addresses skill and concept gaps. Using existing student data or results from a screener, Pathblazer immediately identifies where students are struggling and provides the targeted instruction they need to close early learning gaps. The instruction in math and reading is designed to help engage students, accelerate them to grade-level mastery, and increase student self-efficacy in learning. All lessons are built around a gradual release instructional model of explicit instruction, supported practice, independent practice, and assessments. The data Pathblazer collects as students complete their work also help teachers monitor student progress and adapt their instruction. Intervention reports in Pathblazer track student progress toward standards mastery, inform small-group instruction, and help teachers plan for one-on-one time with students.
Randomized controlled trial
Pathblazer, supplemental online intervention, individualized learning, adaptive curriculum