Proceedings of Summer Symposium for Students 2020

CFSRC student and postdoctoral researchers shared their latest research at the CFSRC Summer Symposium on 26 and 27 May 2020. Thirty-four participants enjoyed a deep dive into cold-formed steel and related research – focusing the first day on earthquake engineering and the second day on broader topics in thin-walled structural research. The Symposium was held online and hosted by CFSRC Director Ben Schafer and moderated by CFSRC Investigators: Hannah Blum, Matt Eatherton, Kara Peterman, and Cheng Yu. The idea for the Symposium was borne out of the loss of conferences and sharing of research due to the global pandemic. The notion was enthusiastically received by the CFSRC investigators and led to a large degree of interest from the CFSRC student researchers. The interest from the students led to an exceptional list of talks. Editors: Benjamin W. Schafer and Deniz Ayhan Moen
cold formed steel