Virginia, Marylandia et Carolina in America Septentrionali Brittannorum Industria Excultae

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Norimbergae: Johann Baptist Homann
1 map hand colored; 47 x 57 cm.; Scale: ca. 1:2,125,000.
Description from Mapping Maryland: "Homann, he geographer to the king of the Holy Roman Empire, led his contemporaries in coloring his maps, although he usually left the cartouche are untouched. This map, which contains some fanciful and erroneous information, served to promote the emigration of Germans to America."
Description from 'Maryland from the Willard Map Collection", George Peabody Library Exhibit Oct. 9, 2018 - March 16, 2019: "J.B. Homann operated a prolific map-publishing firm in Nuremberg, Germany. Although the elaborate cartouche depicts a regal planter and British coat of arms, this map was actually created to aid prospective German settlers to the Chesapeake region (see "Germantown" beneath the "R" in Virginia). The map also contains apparent inaccuracies and fanciful boundaries: Florida's pan handle extends north to share the same latitude as Maryland, while Virginia dips into what is now North Carolina. Map historians have suggested that these seeming errors may instead be attempts to capture more fluid zones of trade, family linkages, and population and religious demographics".
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