Copaken, Dick

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Dick Copaken was a renaissance man. In addition to being a Harvard-educated lawyer, a successful entrepreneur, a published author and a loving, generous family man, Dick was also an artist. He had painted since childhood, and for him it was not only a mode of self expression, but a way to give something back to the people around him. In the four months between his diagnosis and death, just as he did when he was healthy, he found ways to leave a lasting and positive influence on his family; his friends and on people he knew he would never meet. Dick Copaken's art is currently displayed at the U.S. Embassy in Japan, an Imperial Palace in Tokyo, the Embassy of the Republic of the Marshall Islands in Washington DC, Harvard University, in the Secretary's Office in the East Building of the National Gallery of Art, and in the back drop of this websites masthead.
Artist, Lawyer, entrepreneur, author, wife Marjorie, daughters Julie and Laura.