Current and shot noise measurements in a carbon nanotube-based spin diode

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American Institute of Physics
Low-temperature measurements of asymmetric carbon nanotube (CNT) quantum dots are reported. The CNTs are end-contacted with one ferromagnetic and one normal-metal electrode. The measurements show a spin-dependent rectification of the current caused by the asymmetry of the device. This rectification occurs for gate voltages for which the normal-metal lead is resonant with a level of the quantum dot. At the gate voltages at which the current is at the maximum current, a significant decrease in the current shot noise is observed.
current measurements, carbon nanotube-based spin diode, asymmetric carbon nanotube quantum dots, normal-metal electrode, spin-dependent current rectification, gate voltages, Nb-C-Co, cobalt, carbon nanotubes, ferromagnetic materials, niobium, quantum dots, semiconductor nanotubes, semiconductor quantum dots, semiconductor-metal boundaries, shot noise, tunnel diodes
Journal of Applied Physics, 1 April 2009, vol.105, no.7, 4 pp.