China Studies Review

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Johns Hopkins University, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, China Studies Program
This inaugural issue of China Studies Review is dedicated to environmental regulation and politics. Tremayne Gibson examines the development of Beijing's nuclear policy and finds that the benefits of nuclear power are married to a weak regulatory structure, the vulnerability of inland nuclear plans to natural disasters, and inadequate policy coordination, which cloud the future of nuclear energy in China. Bo Li looks at the role of the cadre evaluation system in environmental management. Applying studies in Chinese bureaucracy, Li investigates the influences of top-down assignments and bottom-up local autonomy on the effectiveness of environmenal policies. And finally, Ilaria Mozzocco compares emission trading systems in China and the European Union, identifying lessons for related laws and policies moving forward. She highlights a lack of central planning as the foremost challenge to the long-term success of cap and trade programs.
China, Environment
China Studies Review, Issue no. 1 (2014)