A Proposal to Reduce Air Pollution in China by Subsidizing the Energy Industry

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With the rapid growth of China's economy, the extensive economic development model has caused massive pollution to China's air and environment. If we do not change the current economic development model and adjust the energy structure, the destruction of the natural environment will affect people's quality of life. And the economic operation will not be sustainable. China is at the end of industrialization and the middle of urbanization, and industrialization will inevitably be accompanied by greenhouse gas and pollution emissions. In recent years China has made efforts to improve energy productivity by improving energy efficiency and developing renewable energy sources, but due to its rapid economic growth, China is now highly dependent on fossil energy for its energy supply. China is the world's largest producer of renewable energy, but it is also the world's largest importer of fossil energy. If China maintains its current energy policy, it will have a serious impact on the country's air and environment. Therefore, this proposal will focus on how to solve the current air pollution problem in China by restructuring the energy mix and provide concrete solutions to support the development of renewable energy in China.
air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, energy structure, renewable energy