Oral history of Jerome Schnydman

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Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries
Jerome Schnydman came to Hopkins as a undergraduate in 1963. A member of the lacrosse team, he served as co-captain of the 1967 national team and was chosen as a first team All-American in 1966 and 1967, earning him a spot in the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame. After graduating from Hopkins, Schnydman spent time working in the insurance and pension industry. He eventually returned to work in the Hopkins Office of Undergraduate Admissions, where he remained for eleven years. Following that, he took on the position of Executive Director of Alumni Relations, where he also served for eleven years, before becoming the Executive Assistant to the President. In this history, Schnydman discusses his time at Hopkins, both as a student and staff member, as well as his lacrosse career. This oral history is part of the Mame Warren oral histories series.
Schnydman, Jerome, Scott, Bob, 1930-, Smith, Fred, Pohler, George, Ciccarone, Henry, Gebelein, Conrad, Shaffer, G. Wilson (George Wilson), 1901-1992, Morrill, William Kelso, 1903-, Cope, Jackson I., Jones, Ross, Johns Hopkins University. Spring Fair