Oral history of O.O.

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Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries
"O.O." is a member of the Johns Hopkins University graduating class of 2022. In this interview, “O.O.” describes her family, her brief childhood experience in Nigeria, and her family’s move to the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, when she was young. She goes on to talk about her experiences as a first-generation student studying neuroscience at Johns Hopkins and her plans for medical school and a career as a doctor. She shares how the COVID-19 pandemic influenced her time at university and elaborates on the support network that helped her feel successful. O.O. details joining a few organizations like the Student Government Association, the African Students Association, and Knotty By Nature, a natural hair club. She also speaks about navigating financial situations with the university, including issues with parking, housing, mental health, and trying to make a difference in Baltimore. Lastly, O.O. gives a bit more detail about the days ahead. This oral history is part of the First-generation Students oral histories series.