Development and Validation for Member-Level Analysis-Based Testing

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Cold-Formed Steel Research Consortium (CFSRC) Colloquium
High-fidelity computational modeling that has been validated has a great advantage in providing a reliable prediction of structural behaviors and yet saves a lot of costs compared to full-scale experimental tests. Particularly for cold-formed steel (CFS) member analysis, sophisticated shell models have been greatly validated in the past with tests for nonlinear collapse analyses although lots of modeling parameters need to be carefully considered in the model. The objective of this study is to develop guidance and provisions to efficiently yet reliably conduct computational modeling for CFS stub columns for the implementation of the analysis-based test approach. The available stub column test is gathered. The current state of practice of modeling parameters is summarized. The impacts of all the modeling parameters in the nonlinear analysis of CFS stub columns are demonstrated through modeling examples in ABAQUS.