Giant positive magnetoresistance of Bi nanowire arrays in high magnetic fields

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American Institute of Physics
We have studied the magnetoresistance of electrodeposited Bi wires with diameters between 200 nm and 2 μm in magnetic fields up to B=55 T. In zero field, the resistance increases with decreasing temperature, indicating that the mean free path is strongly influenced by the nanowire geometry. The high-field magnetoresistance shows strong dependence on field orientation; typically 200% for B parallel to the wires, and 600%-800% for B perpendicular to the wires. The perpendicular magnetoresistance is well described by a modified two-current model which suggests that the high-field response of the arrays is fairly insensitive to the wire diameter, and is dominated by bulk properties of Bi.
mean free path, high-field magnetoresistance, electrodeposited Bi wires, Bi nanowire arrays, high magnetic fields, zero field, resistance, nanowire geometry, field orientation, nanostructured materials, high field effects, perpendicular magnetoresistance, modified two-current model, nanostructured materials Key Phrase Headings: giant positive magnetoresistance, giant magnetoresistance, electrodeposits, carrier mean free path, bismuth, high-field response, wire diameter, Bi bulk properties
Journal of Applied Physics 15 April 1999, vol.85, no.8, pp. 6184-6