Culturally Responsive Academic Advisement

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Johns Hopkins University
Abstract African American and Latino males are not only underrepresented in graduate schools, but demonstrate a lower rate of completion than their female and White counterparts nationally. This sequential explanatory study was undertaken to positively impact the academic achievement of African American and Latino males enrolled in a graduate school of education in the north eastern United States. A culturally responsive academic advisement model was implemented with the intended goal of 85% - 90% of African American and Latino males perceiving the advisement positively and meeting academic achievement benchmarks. The study resulted in both Latino and African American males meeting academic benchmarks and benchmarks that were set for positive perception of culturally responsive academic advisement. The results of the study positions colleges and universities to use cultural responsive academic advisement to support the achievement of African American and Latino males at institutions of higher education. Helping African American and Latino males earn post baccalaureate degrees can significantly impact their future earning potential and overall quality of life.
African American, Latino, males, academic achievement, higher education, culturally responsive academic advisement