Filling Training Deficits in Proposals (S2S) Through Pre-Recorded Instructional Tutorial Videos

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With the field of research administration being a large and ever-changing topic, it can be disorienting and frustrating for research administrators to be presented with new information or new processes, particularly without the appropriate tools and resources. This Capstone project aims to fill a gap or deficit in knowledge and understanding of the Cayuse-developed System-to-System (commonly referred to as S2S) program Proposals (S2S) for the pre-award staff at Texas A&M University Sponsored Research Services (SRS) through the production of pre-recorded tutorial videos. The author created two tutorial videos, less than ten minutes in length, which include step-by-step instructions for topics including importing subaward data and completing the prime application budget. The first video entitled Cayuse Proposals (S2S) - Import Subaward via Completed R&R Subaward Budget PDF provides instruction on importing subaward data to the prime application by uploading a completed Research and Related (R&R) Subaward Budget PDF form. The second video entitled Cayuse Proposals (S2S) – R&R Budget: Escalation/Replication and Manage Key Persons provides instruction on completing the prime proposal R&R Budget form by utilizing the tools and functionality provided by Cayuse in Proposals (S2S). These topics were determined to be those with the greatest unfamiliarity by polling the pre-award staff at SRS. The tutorial videos were made readily accessible to pre-award staff by utilizing YouTube for video publication, and the SRS website for organization of the collective links.
system-to-system, tutorial, training, budget, subaward