The Data Conservancy: A Blueprint for Research Libraries in the Data Age

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The Data Conservancy (DC) is one of two awards through the National Science Foundation (NSF)'s DataNet program. DC shares a common vision: Data curation is a means to collect, organize, validate and preserve data so that scientists can find new ways to address the grand research challenges that face society. The Sheridan Libraries at Johns Hopkins University is the lead organization for DC. The Sheridan Libraries have been focused on data curation for years and have already developed prototype tools and resources and established fee-based agreements for data curation. Fundamentally, DC will develop a blueprint for research libraries to support new forms of data-driven science. By acting as a laboratory for infrastructure development, research studies, and educational internships, the Sheridan Libraries will ultimately incorporate data curation into its overall collection development strategy. Libraries have long supported a diverse community of researchers and DC represents an opportunity for libraries to honor their principles but adapt their practices for the data age. Ultimately, this strategy will result in greater sustainability by leveraging the support for research libraries within universities and academic centers.
Data-driven science, Research libraries, Data curation, Data Conservancy