Oral history of William Banks

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Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries
William Banks, a Baltimore native, received his B.A. from Johns Hopkins in 1929. Shortly after graduating, he joined the Lord Baltimore Press, a company specializing in folded paper boxes with brightly colored advertisements. A booming success, the business was bought by International Paper Co., of which Banks became the vice president in 1969. In this oral history, Banks describes what Hopkins was like in the 1920s, as well as his activities with the Black and Blue Jay and Barnstormers. Banks also discusses his favorite classes at Hopkins as well as fundraising for the university as an alumnus. This oral history is part of the Mame Warren oral histories series.
Banks, William, Johns Hopkins University. Barnstormers, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore City College, Lyric Theatre (Baltimore, Md.), Andrews, Ethan Allen, 1859-1956, Swartz, Charles Kephart, 1861-, Turner, Edward Raymond, 1881-1929, Mitchell, Broadus, 1892-1988, Goodnow, Frank J., 1859-1939, Ames, Joseph Sweetman, 1864-1943, Peabody Conservatory of Music, Brody, William R., Bloomberg, Michael