[Map] Lithographed for the City of Baltimore Showing the Proposed Extension, One Mile East and West and Two Miles North.

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Baltimore: F. Klemm
1 map : colored ; 74 x 76 cm.
After the Civil War, the area surrounding Baltimore City grew to approximately 20,000 inhabitants. The City began extending many of its services – roads, water systems, schools, police and fire protection, parks – beyond the actual city limits. The suburban “belt” around Baltimore increasingly benefitted from City services without paying city taxes. To resolve this situation, the Maryland General Assembly pass a bill in 1874 that permitted Baltimore City annexation of the belt of suburbs shown on this map. However, the bill required ratification by voters in the affected areas in order to take effect. Baltimore City leaders promised the full benefit of city services and the offer of a ten year period of taxes that would be half of that paid by the city residents. Baltimore County government campaigned against the annexation claiming that residents’ taxes would increase but services would not be forthcoming. This map was produced on behalf of the City as part of the campaign to win the annexation referendum. In the end, suburban residents voted against annexation; the city’s borders would not be expanded until 1888. This is a digital image of the original printed map held by the Maryland Room, University of Maryland Libraries. Call no. BC 049, Map 0507. Our thanks to generous support of the Maryland Room staff for helping us make this map available.
Baltimore City