New Year and Still Schooling From Home? Balancing Life and Learning From Home During COVID-19

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Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy
The Coronavirus continues to impact the norms of daily life for adults and children alike. In our original survival guide from the spring of 2020, we discussed planning for schooling from home, thinking that this would be necessary for a few weeks. However, now that we have been home for months and learning has been disrupted for almost a year, the new year provides us with a good opportunity to reassess and plan for the longer term. Two mothers, certified teachers and current education researchers, revisit this conversation with personal suggestions and curated resources to help families survive and even thrive this winter and spring. Dr. Alanna Bjorklund-Young and Dr. Angela R. Watson are researchers at the Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy. Alanna is the mother of two early learners (ages three and six), and Angela has a ten- and thirteen-year-old. Their children are currently in school via in-person, hybrid, synchronous virtual, and totally asynchronous virtual. Below, Alanna and Angela share recommendations based on what they are doing in their own homes during the second wave of COVID-19 schooling.
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