An Investigation of a Social-Emotional Competency and Culturally Responsive Teaching Professional Development: Examining Changes in Relationships, Efficacy, and Resilience

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Johns Hopkins University
This study examines the effectiveness of a professional development intervention in social-emotional competencies and culturally responsive teaching provided to high school English content and special education teachers (n = 12) at a suburban Mid-Atlantic high school. The study used a mixed methods design to test changes in participants’ perceptions of positive student-teacher relationships, student efficacy, and student emotional resilience. Pre-test and post-test surveys were used to measure variance before and after intervention treatment. Quantitative data were supported by qualitative data including pre-intervention and post-intervention classroom observations, professional development session observations, program materials, and student interviews. While quantitative findings were not statistically significant, convergent qualitative data suggested the teacher participant group members were positively impacted in all three constructs and that the professional development pilot program could be expanded to a larger implementation.
social-emotional competencies, culturally responsive teaching, professional development