"Per Un Dante Latino": The Latin Translations of the Divine Comedy in Nineteenth-Century Italy

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Johns Hopkins University
The history of the Latin translations of Dante's Divine Comedy represents a relatively unexplored branch within the field of Dante studies. Between 1416 and 1876, Latin translations of the Commedia were written and edited by seven men of differing backgrounds and professions: Churchmen, humanistic scholars and academics. The early comprehensive attempts in both prose and verse were published between 1416 and 1431, and have recently received some scholarly attention. In contrast, four out of the seven Latin editions of Dante's Commedia stem from the eras that preceded and immediately followed Italian unification and have yet to be studied. This doctoral dissertation addresses this lacuna and examines the history of the Latin translations of the Divina Commedia within nineteenth-century Italy.
Divina Commedia, Neo-Latin