Birchbark Manuscript Foliation Guide

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Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries
The numbering system for identifying the digital images of MSB 83 is based on the order in which the manuscript leaves entered the conservation laboratory. Nine nested folios, along with a number of detached leaves associated with each folio, arrived housed in nine paper folders. Readers of Śāradā script may find that some of the loose sheets are out of order; indeed the folders themselves may be out of order relative to each other. As the digitized images are provided as individual pages, rather than as attached folia, the collation pattern of each folder is illustrated below to assist readers. As leaves, rather than pages, were numbered, the images also have a recto or verso designation: F1,9v is the verso of page nine from folder one; F5,14r is the recto of page fourteen from folder five.
manuscripts, Sanskrit, foliation