[Baltimore City] City of Baltimore One Hundred Foot Topographic/ Planimetric Map Series 1968

Map Scale: 1:1,200 (1 inch = 100 feet)
This set of map images uses the basic grid system developed in 1894 for official Baltimore City mapping. However, this 1968 series provides an additional level of map detail as each of the original gird sections has been subdivided into quarter sections. A map index appears in the margin information of each map sheet. Each of the 1968 quarter sections has a map scale of 1:1,200 (1 inch = 100 feet). The map scale of earlier grid sections was 1:2,400 (1 inch = 200 feet). There are no images posted for: 3N 5W-1, 5N 2W-4, 2S 1E-3, 3S 3E-4. Copies of the original printed maps for these sections were not available from the Baltimore City Planning Department, the Baltimore City Department of Transportation, nor the Baltimore City Archives as of May 2016. We will continue to seek out copies of these missing sheets. Grid sections 5S 4E-3, 5S 4E-4, 5S 5E-1 cover areas over water only and are not included. Poor Quality Image: Image 3S 3E-4 is of poor quality with a black streak obliterating much of the maps contents. We’ve been unable to acquire a copy of this map without the black streak. Also available in JScholarship are the earlier grid map series published in 1897, 1914, and 1923. Later grid series maps were updated over a period of years, 1977-1989. The entire series was reissued in 2008. Unfortunately, there were no official map series corresponding to the grid system between the years 1923 and 1968.
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