Distortion Buckling Test and Design Method of Cold-Formed Thin-Wall Steel Built-Up Members Under Axial Compression

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The objective of this paper is to research the distortion buckling performance and capacity of cold-formed thin-walled steel built-up I-shaped section column. 12 built-up columns connected by self-drilling screws were conducted under the axial compression. The test members includes four different sections and the specimen length is 1000mm. Test results show that the local buckling and distortion buckling occur for all built-up sections. The finite element software ABAQUS was used to analysis the test specimens. The finite element results were in good agreement with the experimental results about the buckling mode and load-carrying capacities. The direct strength method is used to calculate the load-carrying capacities of the specimens. The calculation results show that the direct strength method is unsafe, so the direct strength method to calculate distortional buckling strength is modified on the basis of the test results. 1