A Geospatial Strategy to Locate Future Chinese ICBM Silo Fields

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This Capstone report analyzes two recently constructed missile silo fields in China in an effort to identify key geospatial and geological characteristics that can be used to define a search strategy for future silo field construction. This report incorporates statistical analysis techniques that will constrain the areas under consideration based on nearness to railroads which will then incorporate multiple raster layers that will characterize the region constrained region, and then remove parcels of land that do not have the adequate characteristics to accommodate rapid silo construction. Based on the size of the delivery system(s) the People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force (PLARF) are installing, the biggest factor in this study will be depth to bedrock. Other factors include surface slope, land cover classification, and whether a given site is within range of conventional US missiles. It is important to researchers and analysts in and outside the Intelligence Community to have a systematic method for defining search strategies, and this report serves as a foundational first step in that effort.
Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT), China, nuclear weapons, Missile Silo