A boson learned from its context, and a boson learned from its end

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Johns Hopkins University
The Higgs boson was the last particle of the Standard Model of particle physics to be discovered. So far, its properties have been consistent with the Standard Model expectations. This thesis presents a series of analyses, increasing in complexity and precision, that measure the Higgs boson's interactions with other particles and search for anomalous behavior using the CMS experiment. The analyses use matrix element techniques to simulate events and characterize the data and rely on the excellent performance of the CMS silicon tracker in tracking charged particles. The measurements use both the Higgs boson's "context", particles produced in association with it, and its "end", its decay products, to characterize its properties. All measurements are found to be in agreement with the Standard Model expectations.
CERN, CMS, LHC, Higgs boson, matrix element, Standard Model, anomalous couplings, tracker, tracker alignment