Using 2012 State Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Annual Payroll Data to Understand United States Sector Emissions

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The completion of this paper is an excellent summation of my time in the EPC program. I came into the program hoping to compliment my work at the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, which revolves around the implementation of a federal carbon tax and dividend. My time in the EPC program provided the perfect complement of classes, lectures and connections via faculty and students to fill in the gaps in my knowledge between a Biology degree and my current work in energy policy. This capstone is a summation of that new knowledge, combining science in the research and understanding of why this study matters and how it will be relevant to studies in the future, technical knowledge in how to write and format a perfect scientific paper using multiple data sets both researched and calculated, and the policy knowledge of how to combine the knowledge learned into real world implications that can affect future policies regarding decarbonization. The work in this capstone fits in with the studies I found most interesting during the EPC program (which were policy and energy law classes) through my work and discussion of how decarbonization of sectors may be blocked or aided depending on elected officials. I found that aspect of this study most interesting, as it applies not only to the policy work I do on a daily basis but relates to the history and future prospects for energy policy that I spent time studying and engaging with through the program. I am confident this capstone shows a glimpse into the best of what I have learned and achieved in the EPC program, including the confidence and critical thinking skills needed to excel in my continued career in energy policy and advocacy.
carbon, emissions, industry, state